Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to describe yourself

Hello once again we are into the middle of our 2nd six-weeks and I will be the first to say it has been pretty hectic around here. The past six weeks we have been learning just the basic present tense sentence structure and just your basic Spanish vocabulary to describe oneself and other objects. In two weeks we will be taking an oral test in class (don't worry it will be okay!). The test will consist of you being able to describe oneself (or someone else ex:family member) in 5-7 sentences, you will also be asked to describe an object which will be presented to you at the time of the test.
Parents I know that this will most likely stress your child out but here are a few websites which will help your student out to prepare themselves for my test. Please take the time to help them practice their vocabulary. Remember you help them learn while you learn as well.

Here are some websites which I have chosen as great references:

Rocket Languages Website- This website will assist you with some of the most common adjectives used when describing a person, place, or thing. It will also serve as a reference in future grammatical and vocabulary lessons.

Wiki Books Website- This website assist students with every subject possible. It's a great reference for Spanish Vocabulary. This website gives lists of the most commonly used Spanish vocabulary. Website- This website specializes in the Spanish language. By assisting one with vocabulary, verbs, and verb conjugations. What a wonderful website!

The University of Texas at Austin provides us with this wonderful website of Spanish Proficiency Exercises by assisting with sentence structure, vocabulary, and providing video in different topics in Spanish.

EX: Soy la Srta. Martínez. (I'm Ms. Martinez) Soy Mexicana-Americana. ( I'm Mexican-American.) Soy baja. (I am short.) Soy maestra. (I'm a teacher.) ***Note***It may be easier this time to come up with 5-7 sentences in English describing yourself and then translating. If you need help and the following websites do not help feel free to come in for tutoring.

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