Sunday, December 2, 2007

Present Tense -ar Verbs

For the past few weeks we have been learning Regular Present Tense -ar Verbs in class. Your child has came to understanding that the Present Tense Verbs are used to describe an action that is taking place today. This tense is one of 7 verb Tenses which your child will be learning in Spanish 1 & 2.

*****Notes:****** To form the Present Tense Verb form you do the following steps.
1. Take the infinitive (verb) drop the ending -ar
(Ex: Hablar >>>drop the -ar>>>Habl
2. Add the correct -ar ending to match the subject
yo= -o tú= -as él, ella, ud.= -a nosotros= -amos ellos,ellas,uds= -an
(Ex: subject is nosotros hablamos)

Hablar--- hablo, hablas, habla, hablamos, hablan
!!!!!!Hint!!!!! There are some context clues which will tell one when to use Present Tense Verbs. The following are just two of many context clues which will help one with this verb tense Hoy and Ahora.

The website which Barbara Nelson from Colby College offers a great exercise for Regular Present Tense -ar verbs.

A great website which gives a very detailed lesson of both regular and irregular -ar verbs is offered through one of the students of Perdue University Fort Wayne.

The most helpful website for Regular -ar Present Tense Verbs is offered by Bloomington which offers wonderful notes and great practice.

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